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Second Entry…

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I think I’m going to have to change the way I play Pickymon – dependant on my schedule I can either play for HOURS (and therefore forget to take notes) or I jump in and out for ten minutes (and therefore forget to take notes)

I need to start taking notes. And hundreds and hundreds of screegrabs. My little dude’s named Billy (No Mates) and this is where I was on Friday when I started finally logging my progress. I”m trying to not look at everyones times as I’m not sure quite how well I’m doing!
1st log










I grinded a little bit on my Mankey and Gyarados – The thing I noticed very quickly is how fast my starter Pokemon levelled up being the only one I was able to use for days… So once Fish Stick had FINALLY turned into the beautiful beast he was always meant to be I was so happy that this happened in Digletts cave after I taught him bubble beam *cheers Misty!*


His first kill #proudmummoment
His first kill #proudmummoment


I was nervous about Lt. Surges gym but the hardest part was those bloody switches. It’s not really a puzzle because there’s no actual logic to it… I design puzzles for a day job. Trust me on this.

this puzzle was rubbish... 'cause bins...
this puzzle was rubbish… ’cause just bins…


Ugh. But ANYWAY. I don’t really need to worry, because Spud (Ivysaw) was a lovely level 31 – the whole battle was an absolute breeze. Feeling smug, I then headed off to my next challenge. With the grinding (and the incessant switch-searching) it had only taken 18 minutes!


Now that's Progress. I'm never that successful at my own Gym...
Now that’s Progress. I’m never that successful at my own Gym…


I’m bloody terrible at remembering all the names of the routes and towns/cities. I’m getting through some of this from sheer muscle memory. I evolved up Ivysaw into a glorious Venusaur on the way but I definitely didn’t have enough Pokemon to receive HM05 Flash.

Attempted Flash.
WELL. Have you tried to play PICKYMON MATE!? NO. NO YOU HAVEN’T.




So I did the nice (and scenic) bike ride to the cave I knew I’d have to get through with no light… *weeps* After seeing another player do it successfully I knew it was my only way to get through without catching pokemon I didn’t want for the sake of it. (Those are some precious, precious slots.) And I’m aiming for the BEST team… (I want to draw them… it’s a vanity project more than anything.)

Now on any other day I'd be interested in this sex dungeon... but I can't see you...
Now is it me or is it implying I’m a sex-pest? Granted that I am in a pitch-black dungeon…

It was ‘relatively’ painless. I do think I bumped into everyone and everything in there. The relief when I came out the other side… Lets check the damage…

Ok. Much less smug now.
Ok. Much less smug now.

Now not all of that time was spent in the cave/sex dungeon but it’s definitely not an easy task without flash. But I MADE it! I didn’t even bother going to the ghost tower (I will start making notes about the places on my next post, PROMISE!)


((I promise nothing))


I swung left, beat up everyone on the way and picked up an Eevee behind the thing in that building. I Immediately went and bought a Thunderstone.

So cute. And Names Evie after a buddie of mine. but her spelling*
So cute. And Named Evie after a buddie of mine. *but with her spelling*

Taught Evie thunderbolt *thanks Surge!* and then did all the bits with Teamrocket (don’t tell a kid not to look behind a poster, you clearly WANTED him to find it.) And the fight with Giovanni wasn’t particularly hard, and gave my newest member of the team a chance to shine. With the Item I needed in hand to see Ghosts I headed back to the tower (giving the guards a drink of water on the way). I felt like I was able to speed through the ghost tower quite quickly…

but dear God some of the NPCs need to get out more…

give me flesh...
give me flesh…

…or think about starting in Little Shop of Horrors. *Feed Me!*

Fish Stick obliterated the Marowak. And by saving Whats-his-face at the top of the tower (I know I know, I’ll make notes next time) I got the Pokeflute! Whoop Whoop!

Popped into the name-rater, changed Mankey name to Chunky, and went and caught another addition for the team… A Ghastly*. (Casper)

He kinda looks friendly
He kinda looks friendly

*I bloody love a ghost Pokemon.

I then started the big old job of trying to get my Team all around the same level. It’s nice because now I have five, I have a choice (and travelling about it a lot less scary!) It’s just the process of grinding to get them all to a point where I can take on the Grass Gym leader… WITHOUT a fire pokemon.

I FINALLY HAVE TEN IN MY POKED! Should probably go get HM05 whilst I remember.

I’ll keep you guessing about who my last team member is going to be but It’s been planned meticulously. But I think it might inhibit my speed in my quest to get it… we’ll see how it plays out.

That much time and only 3 Badges! Get a move on Billy!
That much time and only 3 Badges! Get a move on Billy!

It’s getting there though, and I am having fun…


Gyarados took way too long to draw.
Gyarados took way too long to draw.

The Path of Least Resistance (or Why I Will Be Picking Bulbasaur, Just Like Everyone Else)

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In the days when I was young, before I became the jaded wreck of a man who stands before you today, I had a dream. What I wanted, gentle reader, was to be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them all was my real test and to train them was my cause. That’s the thing about Pokemon. You’ve got to catch them all.

I’d played video games before, of course. Sonic the Hedgehog on my Mega Drive. Monkey Island on the Amiga at my child minder’s house. Presumably another, hilarious, example, in accordance with the rule of 3s. But regardless of how much I enjoyed smashing Dr Robotnik and trading insults with the sword master, I never quite got around to completing any of the games I played. Whether this had been due to a lack of competence, perseverance or interest, everything was about to change when my brother and I were each given a Game Boy Colour and a first generation Pokemon game.

Through a series of what felt like ingenious and convoluted trades, we each acquired all three all starting Pokemon and obsessively went about filling every last slot in Professor Oak’s pokedex, collecting the 8 gym badges and defeating the Elite Four. And then that was finished and my time in Kanto came to an end. I must have clocked over a hundred hours on that game, but I could never bring myself to put that amount of time into any game again. I still enjoyed playing them from time to time, but post-Pokemon Red, the vast majority of my games remained unfinished.

Given all of that, I seem to be spectacularly poorly suited to the Pickymon project. The idea of deliberately leaving the Pokedex incomplete and Pokemon uncaptured goes against my obsessive collector instincts. The idea of putting in the hours to finish a video game, particularly when I’ve already done it before, seems optimistic at best. Trying to do so under artificially imposed restrictions? Very unlikely.

And yet, here I am, about to embark on my first Pokequest in a couple of decades, reading up on which high powered Pokemon are available early in the game and which ones can learn which essential moves. I can’t promise that I’ll make it through to the end of the project, but I can promise that if I do, I will have done so in the least imaginative way possible, taking the path of least resistance at all times. Sorry, but I told you right at the beginning- I’m a jaded wreck of a man.