About Pickymon

Welcome to Pickymon – the Pokémon challenge for picky people!

What is Pickymon?

Based on a concept from @ZombieHam on Twitter, Pickymon is what happens when a bunch of people decide to play the original Pokémon Red with a simple twist – you only get one team of six for the entire game.

The Rules

Including your starter, you may only catch or purchase 6 pokémon throughout the entire game.

No glitching!

Trading is not allowed, and you can’t release a pokémon to catch another – once it’s in your team, it stays in your team to the end.

This includes Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan, Kabuto/Omanyte and Lapras – if you pick them up, you keep them.

Evolution is not only allowed, but required – you can only obtain Flash (HM05) by having ten pokémon in your Pokédex!

The game is over when you catch or defeat MewTwo, and your play time is counted at this point.

The winner will be decided by a combination of fastest completion and strongest final team.

Keep Up With The Competitors!

Every post including a game update is in the category “Player Updates” – however, each player tags their posts with their own name, too! That means you can follow an individual’s journey by clicking their tag – eg Ham or CharlesW!