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Yesterday, all my troubles were gone

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Hi Pickymon players, readers, general tagalongs and lovers. I’m gonna do a brief update of what I’ve done and then I’m going to break down and beg the educators for some guidance.

I left you all last at the front door of the Cinnabar Mansion, of which I blasted through and along the way this beautiful creature joined me:

Now the little sperm has a necklace!
Now the little sperm has a necklace!

I ran on, I went to Cinnabar Gym and low and behold:

Call me Miley Cyrus
Call me Miley Cyrus (Wrecking BALL)

I continue north and completely skip that nostalgic jetty that everyone paused at. I had the silly idea of taking a capture when I got to Pallet Town saying “Hey look guys I’ve reset the game! What a fool” in reference to not only my stupid saving issues and blunders but to the amazing things everyone has suffered at the hands of this game. I typed that last bit a little too hard, it’s too soon. I’ll explain in a minute.

I powered on up to Viridian City and charged through the Viridian City Gym, trounced by Giovanni, healed and then trounced his ass back!







And now we get to my swan song of fuck ups.

I saved the game and started messing around with my emulator. More recently than not I’ve been using an easy save function on my emulator and didn’t trust the Rom’s saving capabilities to work. In previous sessions I’ve also saved on the hard save file as well but more recently for speed and ease I’ve saved on the good old easy save. This was my last save:

Wow, Steve, a whole 15/16 hours you've put into this. What a beauty...
Wow, Steve, a whole 15/16 hours you’ve put into this. What a beauty…


And I left Pickymon in it’s folder. Got rid of the previous hard saves that were old anyhow and left the latest one just in case I had an accident……..

I had an accident.

I used the easy save on a different rom game, which replaced the above time. I panicked and then breathed hard and begged I had hard saved recently. Would you like to know when the last hard save was, kind reader?

Wow, *Astromonically slow hand clap...*
Wow, *Astromonically slow hand clap…*


I want to cry, I have been in hysterical laughter for the past few minutes.

I have lost essentially 10 hours of hard fucking work and blogging. I will not lie to any of you. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO OTHER THAN REFER TO THIS OF THE DONALD TRUMP OF PICKYMON FUCK UPS


Archer, out.


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  • Charles on September 25, 2016

    Oh my god, dude. Oh my god.

    • Author
      Archer on September 25, 2016

      Managed to return to some save where I just got out of Viridian Gym, so not much to worry about now. I did nearly weep at the idea of starting again XD

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