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Hey Pickymonsters, how’s tricks? Long time no see…again. And sadly it’ll be for the last time.

After boarding the S.S Anne for the 5th time, our ass got handed to us and I managed to escape with just enough HP to get to a Pokecentre. As I reached for the Pokeballs of Mr Pickles and Heimlich to put them on the counter for the nurse,  I realised something. I opened up the balls to see two shrunken creatures, one Butterfree unconscious and one Bulbasaur. My starter and I met eyes, two big black weeping orbs begged for a stop. Not another cycle, not again.

The thought of two creatures fighting on my behalf for pleasure made me feel sick. For my gain. How selfish could I be to normalise this sadistic sport and expect them to love me? The answer: I couldn’t. Not any more.

So, I set them free. Both of them. And as I saw Heimlich fly into the sun and Mr Pickles trying to get the metro, I shed a tear. I bit into my Maccy D’s and went to Primark in Pallet Town, content with a relieving thought.

We were all free.

Status: Pallet Town, No Pokemon, Now working as a Starbucks Barista.

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