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Blasting off again…!

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So I’ve had a little bit of stick after I announced on twitter that I’d completed the Pickymon Challenge so quickly! I lead a VERY busy life, so when I found I had two free evenings I was like: ‘RIGHT. LETS DO THIS. SPEED RUN.’ – and also why the post to follow it is almost a week after the fact! I think a lot of it has been luck and some experience, but we’ll see as to how it happened!


No Joffrey I’m going to your mums house.


So Route 22 leads me on my quest to complete my mission. I’m not surprised to bump into my rival and I was shocked by the sharp spike in the Pokemon levels. I spent the battle switching around mine so to be super effective against his.

KO in one hit!
SO grateful for the Hypnosis and Dreameater combo (Not like he could hit Casper anyway!)

Forgot to get a screen grab of Alakazam, but it took a bit of work with Casper and Evie (putting it to sleep and then thunderbolting it) At level 50, pretty pleased with how my team was holding up… especially as they were all at least 8 levels above me…


Almost had Pokemon envy at the sight of Charizard.
But the with TWO Surfs, I’m really pleased with my Gyarados.


Joffrey then acts like he didn’t lose to me, which under the circumstances makes his failure all the sweeter!


So does your mum. *drops the mic*


So after the friendly banter I headed straight to the entrance for Route 23, getting stopped on the way to check that I had all the badges (BADGES!) Charles‘ commentary on the actual route is pretty accurate to my own thoughts as I was doing it…











I then started my attempt at the Victory Road Cave. I will not lie. It took me THREE attempts to get through. It took me a while to figure out the boulder puzzle and all the encounters (that I was trying to battle every time for those Ex Points) wiped me out twice (I didn’t want to use any of my revives) On my third (and final try) I came across this beauty…


Way too excited about this one.

And luckily (?) I’d kept that Master Ball from Giovanni way back, so for ease of capture (with this being the last Pokemon on my list) I caught myself a Moltres!

Knew I held onto it for something!


NOW MY TEAM IS COMPLETE! I taught Fawkes Fly and Fire Blast straight away and I’m genuinely pleased with my top six on this Pickymon Run!


I’m not just a Pokemon fan. I Love Harry Potter too ‘kay?


And learning from others (and my own) mistakes I saved the game once I’d gotten through the Victory Road Cave (and then the maze of statues, Why are they there!? WHY!?)












I spent all my money on Full Heals, Revives and Hyper Potions, I was pretty sure It was going to take me a few attempts to get through the Elite Four (From memory it always had) but it’d be the quickest way of building up Ex Points and also to work out some sort of strategy. (I couldn’t remember what their ‘specialities’ were) So I took a deep breath and went in.

Loreli first, turns out she’s the Master of Ice – So luckily Evie and Fawkes were able to take on alot of the work, with Spud coming out to deal with her Dewgon and Lapras. I beat her without too much trouble.

awkward screen grab no.1


I then healed up all my team and then subsequently forgot to take any more screen grabs until the end. I am so sorry.

Bruno next, Who likes Ground and Fighting pokemon. He was by far the easiest Master to beat, Spud caused at least half of his team to faint with single move KO’s. Healed up again and moved on to:

Agatha Who’s all about the Ghost and Poision types. I forgot all about Dig in my journey as it’s a super good move against Ghosts, but luckily so is Thunderbolt. Don’t try and do physical moves against ghosts (I have one, I should know) but type-based moves (fire blast/thundershock) work pretty well. This one took a bit more out of my team. Poison are the worst.

Awkward Screen grab no.2



I then had to take on Lance. And then I remembered. he liked Dragons

…So I just took it a pokemon at a time. The Gyarados was ok, Spud and Evie were a great tag team on that one, the Dragonairs weren’t too bad. Evie fainted once (used a precious revive) Spud Fainted once (another revive) Dragonite was awful. Used Caspers Hypnosis SO much. My method was to put it to sleep and then work through the team so not to use up what was left of my best moves. It woke up a few times and knocked out Casper (so more Revives) But this tactic eventually worked. Aerodactly wasn’t easy but it went better than Dragonite. Spud did his Razor leaf thing and Fish Sticks joined in.

I took a deep breath of relief. I still wasn’t sure if trying to do this with level 45-50 pokemon was wise. But I’d done 4 out of the 5 now, so there was definitely no turning back. I was so tense. (And this was about 1 in the morning now) But I was so committed I had to know… I healed up everyone, saved the game and went to meet my fate.


You may actually be this time…

Bloody hell I swore a lot playing through this next part. Level 59-63 across the board. He must have done some serious grinding on Victory Road. And to be honest, most of it wasn’t awful, again, stuck to the original tactics that I’d used (based on type effectiveness) and did fine, Fawkes KO’d Exeggecutor which was awesome. A few more overall faints, more revives used and then ALAKAZAM. It almost wiped out everyone. But I was able to chip away at it (whilst switching in and out and reviving) until this happened.IMG_1974
































…I beat him.


I BLOODY WENT AND BEAT HIM. I AM AWESOME. I MAY HAVE USED WEAKER POKEMON AND ALL THE REVIVES BUT I WON! I went through and got to have a lovely hit of nostalgia with the Pokemon Hall of fame. I’m so proud of my team. And the fact we almost lucked out with getting through first time.



My awesome Six. So Proud *sniff*




























































So this is me now. Not too Shabby considering.

I decided that I was going to skip the power plant (but I may re-visit once I’ve completed this mission) I decided that I wanted to defeat MewTwo in less than 28 minutes (I really wanted to come in at under 16 hours) so off I went ( WITH FLY <3) to Cerulean City. Surfed on Fish Stick to the cave where I new that the pokemon resided.

Rollin’ rollin’ rollin on the river…

I didn’t (again) take in to account the next sharp spike in pokemon levels. I ran from a lot of wild battles. I knew I’d need the last few remaining revives for fighting Mewtwo. I found him after a fair bit of searching…

oh hai.

Dave made this point in one of his posts, but the creature design is really beautiful for such an ‘old’ game. MewTwo is one of my favourites. I wish I could have caught him. But I knew I couldn’t. (I’d used my Master Ball and ‘dems da rules’)











It took a while. Mew two took ALOT of Naps (thank you Casper) I did manage to capture the last moment before beating him thought! Glad to have had a team of six against one.


‘Come on… come on…’

So there we go. Play time JUST under 16 hours in total. I’m tempted to carry on and now Catch ALL THE POKEMON to get it out of my system. Also temped to try and similar run on Pokemon Silver… But maybe at Christmas when my schedule can give me a couple of weeks to binge it out. (There may be some drawing too) I may not have the strongest team by the time everyone has finished Pickymon (Charles would currently wipe the floor with me if we were to battle) but at the moment I’ve had one of the fastest teams. And it’s been a blast. 😉


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