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Back in Beardie… Wait!

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Remission. That’s what the Doc is calling it.

I accidentally skipped a round of medic- GYM! I accidentally skipped a gym and went onto the next one. I fought at Saffron City, only to have my efforts thwarted. So I took a step back, I went for a walk out to Celadon City where I collected a parcel containing the HM for Fly. I felt like I was already on the road to recovery, and I decided not to return to Saffron to retake the badge but instead I head south along the coast. I received a fishing rod from a lovely old man in a hut. I continued on my path, enjoying the breeze though not being able to look too many pedestrians in the eye.

At last I reached Fuschia City, home to the only proper beach in Kanto, the Safari Zone, and budget Vegeta’s Gym (sorry Koga but it’s true). I realised that I had one Pokéball left as I walked along the petting area of the Safari Zone and I realised that a lot of work was going to be needed to get that last team member. I stepped into the Safari Zone, I walked straight up to the first pond and I fished for a while.


I decided to forget the catch and to go for Surf/Gold Teeth (For those who haven’t got to it yet and struggle, the teeth are on the ground before you get to the secret hut; all in the same area) and then the Safari Gods shined upon me.

I have never caught a Tauros, they never appear in my playthroughs. Shame...
I have never caught a Tauros, they never appear in my playthroughs. Shame…

I didn’t catch it, but I felt like luck was finally on my side. I ran through the bushes, got to another reservoir and there it was! I attempted to catch, failed. I fished 15 more times and each time the same Pokémon, the one I needed, appeared then fled. I continued round to the secret hut, got the teeth, got the surf and realised I had a lot of steps and 14 Pokéballs left. I sat outside the hut and fished for what felt like hours, and then finally, when I thought I could do no more…


I called her OhHiBatz, though I feel like it was more the writer’s choice as Kirsty had to sit next to him throughout the entire Safari debacle. But I feel better and I feel like all that work in the rehab paid off! My next goals are to take Koga’s heart, then go back and drag Selina through the Marsh. I decided to sleep out under the stars that night, and as my team dozed off I couldn’t help but feel honour and pride to be part of this team…

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  • theirishdave on September 7, 2016

    Displaying your team by way of Pokémon cards is just lovely.

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