My first update or “Ok, I have a squirtle – now what?”

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As I previously mentioned, I have never played a Pokémon game on the Gameboy or any of its successors. It was something that I managed to totally skip from my gaming history.

I booted up the game, bumbled my way through the controls (I’m not much of a PC gamer) and gave myself a name – Neko. Pretty much my go to gaming name cos it’s short and I’m some kind of cat loving cliché.

Initial thoughts at the loading screen:


  • Uh, pikachu looks kinda…wrong.  Is he meant to be drunk here?
  • This 8-bit music is cool…reminds me of getting my first gameboy *5 seconds later, lunging for mute button*
  • Are all of these pokémon in scale compared to Ash?
  • I feel old..

So I woke up in my house, went to visit the professor and got myself my first pokémon. I chose squirtle who I named Tubbs after looking at that big old round head of his.

What followed was pretty much me wandering through long grass, leveling Tubbs up and wondering what else I was meant to be doing for the best part of an hour.  I eventually came across a gym


Yay! I must be getting somewhere, right?





At one point I was rather aggressively pursued by this shouty dude


After another bit of bumbling about I finally found the gym in Pewter city, got through my battle with Brock and got my first badge. I think I was expecting the first battle to be a bit harder than that, but I’m not going to kid myself that I have a clue what I am doing. Let’s face it, I still haven’t even tried to catch any more pokémon.

Here’s how my stats are currently looking.




Over and out.


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