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Well, I loathe grinding.

No please, take your time....
No please, take your time….

Levelling my Winging It was my next goal pre Rock Tunnel. I wanted to grind him up to level 20-25. So far, each level is taking about 4-7 battles and I am grumpy about this process! I’m so scared of accidentally leveling A Sprout that I won’t do the swap out method. So, cycling around in the tall grass has been my hobby for the past few sessions of Pokemon.

Such progress, much wow
Such progress, much wow

I was wrong in my last post. My memory faltered, the images of the past lay broken and disjointed at my feet – hang on, forgot this isn’t Batman Fanfic. Okay, I remember distinctly playing Red as follows: Town, gym, cave, town, gym, cave etc. So I forgot that the SS Anne and Vermillion are pre Rock Tunnel. This is good news! So I can just enjoy a peaceful, beautiful boat trip and –

Way to kill the ambience man
Way to kill the ambience man

So aboard this festering hive of battle happy trainers, I began to grind Winging It. Began. I soon realised (after the 6th pokemon centre trip) that Winging It always had a type disadvantage, or was too weak. Lass’ and Gentlemen (wow pokemon) kicked my teams’ collective asses again and again. Because, for the 151st time, I don’t want to have A Sprout disobey me.

Wait a second...
Wait a second…

I noticed after a few battles with A Sprout saving the day for poor Winging It that something was amiss. A Sprout’s teenage disobediance wasn’t occuring like it should have done-

*Dramatic pause*
*Dramatic pause*

Oh. Oh no. So, it would appear that my utter aversion to using A Sprout was entirely misplaced. Or a misplaced precaution. I was under the impression that the Cascade badge from Misty allowed pokemon up to level 30 to obey you. So why is A Sprout being a suck up and following instuctions. Has this whole process been a lie up to this point? Did I even need Winging It? Have I ground up this bird under false pretences?!


Tune in next time to find out if Harriet has been an absolute n00b.

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