Long time, no Seadra…

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Hey, Pickymonsters. It’s been a while! Unfortunately real life has been catching up on me (film producing, it turns out, takes up a lot of mental space) and eating into my precious Pickymon time. Well- the mental capacity, maybe. But after a long shoot week, I’m here! I haven’t forgotten about our very specific and picky cause.

Side note: My man person is also playing Pickymon. Without infringing on his own future post, I feel I should now that I’ve never seen anyone so distraught by difficulties in safari zone. You’d think someone was teasing him with pizza. 

So, today is a quick update. I’ve got two badges since I last blogged (the first two. I forgets which ones they are) and now I’m in Vermillion, where this happened:

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)

The suspense is killing you, right? The Captain’s what? THE CAPTAIN’S WHAT?!

I’ll admit- I have played a little since the last post. In fact the first two gyms were doozies. I’ve mainly been stuck in battle with that bitch Abigail on the S.S Anne. Mr Pickles and Heimlich (My only two pokemon, Ivysaur and Butterfree) were fine with the first couple of Pokemon. It was just Abigail’s freaking Charmeleon with ember (a.k.a. THE ONLY MOVES IT FECKING KNOWS) left right and centre. But today I… no no, WE kicked its firey lizard ass.

Another shoot week to go, so don’t worry if I disappear again. I haven’t died (fingers crossed- Loughborough is a quaintly rough place). I will be back.

Bye felicia!

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