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Happy World Beard Day!

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Hi readers, players, umpires and the rest of you.

I wanted to come out of my writing style for a post to just clarify some stuff because I haven’t been writing as commentary like as I feel I should have so you actually know what I’m doing. I think my writer got a bit ahead of my gamer. So let’s just explain what has happened quickly because I haven’t played for about a week and realised I’ve gone silent because of this.

I went the wrong way around at the previous gyms, apparently, and instead of heading straight down to Fuschia City after doing the Pokémon Tower in Lavender, I went back to Saffron to do that gym instead. It’s nice because I believe April also did this so I feel less of an idiot now, as she’s awesome! I had a bit of a tough time doing this because I have been speed running through bits where I could have levelled up a bit more. I saved at my first attempt at Sabrina and then had a good six attempts before my team had levelled up to beat her, only to forget to save and turn off. So now I am going to grind and get the gym done again and head down to Fuschia, actually doing the game!

Here is my current time, badges and team:

Screenshot 2016-09-03 12.47.17Screenshot 2016-09-03 12.47.34

Yup, that’s where I’m at. I’ve just got fly, I’m sure I’ve ruined that by not having a Pidgey. But the team is there for a reason. Every time I play pokemon, I plan my team at the beginning of the game; I know the type of each of the Elite Four, so I know what they’re weak against.

1-Ice/Water, 2-Fighting/Ground/Rock, 3- Ghost/Psychic/Poison, 4- MOTHER F-ING DRAGON, 5- (Oh you all know who that is!)

So taking this, a good team to go against the Elite Four with would be something like:

1- Grass, 2- Water, 3- Ghost, 4- Dragon, 5- Fire, 6- Psychic

I normally go for Abra in Cerulean; and three did actually appear in tandem when I tried to catch Oddish. I have given up my Psychic for another Pokémon. I wanted a Beedrill for the GameGrumps reference but also because – and I want to point this out because I find this hilarious and nobody seems to realise this until it’s pointed out – Psychic is weak against Bug type. Very weak against Bug. Get a good level bug type, and I dunno…



I just really want that silly ending.

Anyway, go and enjoy the other players and I’ll be back with very weird writing in a day or two. I got some grinding to do and a Dragon to catch.

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  • April on September 3, 2016

    Excellent to see you return after a quiet week! I did the opposite! I found myself down a bit of a black hole and re-appearing this morning after completing the challenge! Haha, thank you for saying I’m awesome! You’ve done what I did too, I really planned my team based on type and how successful it would be – and PLEASE try to defeat Mewtwo with a Beedrill! (I’ll even draw it for you!) 🙂

    • Author
      Archer on September 3, 2016

      Hey I’ll even video the fight. I’m going for completely crazy anyway! Must have misread your heroic deeds!

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