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So this time bare with me, I should have got the names of places…


…Unfortunately by remembering to make notes, I forgot Screegrabs *FACEPALM* but it’ll be ok. Before doing anything I went to the Celadon City Gym and took on Erika – It was pretty easy if I’m being honest. I was worried as I still don’t have a fire pokemon in my team, but Evie (Jolteon) pretty much dealt with them all, Spud, (Venusaur) being of a much higher level also did a lot of damage with good ‘old tackle. Anyway, Half way there with my badges and over eight hours in, I decided to pull my finger out this week.


It's been a but of a while. But there's definitely FOUR badges now!
It’s been a but of a while. But there’s definitely FOUR badges now!


Even thought I wouldn’t be able to teach Fly to anyone, I quickly went to Route 16 to pick it up for when I could. I came across a sleeping Snorlax. I busted out the Poke Flute.

“we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know wheeeeee!”


Beat him quite quickly and by doing so Chunky gained enough experience to evolve! *Woohoooo!*

He’s my little Chunky Monkey


I ran back to Saffron City and a hit up Sylph Co. as it seemed like the done thing to do before the gym. Bumped into THIS BASTARD.

Did I ever mention he’s named after another famous Dick?

Kicked his ass! MWAHAHA. And I didn’t struggle too much with the puzzle element, it just took me forever to find the Card Key. Giovanni was a bit of an Anti-climax as quite a lot of my team were super effective against his. Got the master ball. (Must remember to use that on my last team slot.) And I never realised that basically Team Rocket is the MAFIA in this game.


I healed up, completely ignored the Fighting Gym (it’s not a real gym, there are no badges and I daren’t get given a pokemon now!) I went straight to the REAL Saffron Gym and worked my way through all of Sabrinas underlings.

NEVER gets old!


I braced myself for a real difficult time, This was the gym that I use to never be able to complete first time. Psychic Pokemon are so difficult.

I remember this being really difficult as a kid.

But with Casper (that charming ghosts) Evie and Spud they weren’t too much trouble…

So am I!

I pootled down Route 12 battling EVERYONE I could come across. Feeling awesome. Came across another Snorlax, beat him up and carried on.

I would have sworn there was only one Snorlax in the game


To try and get my team up to about the same levels I battled everyone along Route 13 too. One of those trainers had a Wigglytuff. I genuinely had to put my phone down to laugh. I don’t remember the original game character being so derpy!

Those eyes. The things they’ve seen.


Safari zone. This is the most frustrated that I’ve been playing the game. Got to the hidden hut AND found the gold ‘teef’ in my first trip luckily. But all those Pokemon! All those balls! And THEN I HAD TO COME ACROSS A CHANSEY. The TEMPTATION!

I’ve never had a more frustration Safari Zone Run. THE FIRST pokemon I bump into. DAMN YOU PICKYMON

Got Surf and Strength as a nice consolation. Split the HMs between the team, Fish Stick can now transport me across the Seas and Chunky can move boulders! I then went to fight all the cronies in the gym to bring the teams experience up before battling Koga – And most of the team had a go. Was pretty close to Fish Stick Fainting at the end, so I was about to switch out when THIS HAPPENED:


Well of course I’m going to win if you’re going to throw a wobbly like that.


So is it me or is that really stupid? Ah Well. Don’t complain. MORE BADGES! ALL THE BADGES.




And that’s where I stopped for the evening. Last night was when I picked it back up again, determined to try and get the last two. Blasted through Routes 19. Spent WAY too long swearing at the encounters in Seafoam island cave. And then too much time crying when I realised it’d be easier to not even bother with Articuno on what is still a sort-of speed run (but I have no-idea how well I’m doing by comparison to others)

Managed to get out, zoom over Route 20 and make it to Cinnabar Island (YOU SHOULD BE SO IMPRESSED THAT I’VE BEEN REMEMBERING TO MAKE SURE I KNOW WHERE I AM THIS WHOLE TIME…

…And forget to notice that I have NO images for the Key search in the House and the gym battle with Blaine. )

So yeah. Did the house. Found all the encounters equally annoying and frustrating. So much temptation to fill the last slot with a Fire Pokemon. Waiting will pay off. Fish Stick earnt his keep easily in the gym. Surf basically wiped every competitor out first time. Awesome results.

Things are moving quite quickly now.

Billy want to just take a moment to take in his achievements. He’s almost home with almost a full set of badges and only 5 pokemon. He’s done so well, he’s…


…on a timer so had better get a move on!

I feeling so nostalgic

Route 21 was straightforward, Billy popped in for a quick rest with mum and set off for his last Gym Battle in Viridian City. And as I now have 11 Pokemon in my Pokedex I was able to go and finally pick up Flash!

I’ve come home. In 13 hours I’ve become a man.


(totally guessed it)

Beat everyone up easily and even though ALL of his pokemon were about 5 levels about mine, ‘type’ strategy meant that it wasn’t difficult, I love the tactics of this game.

So this means. I have a full set.


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