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Holmes’ Odyssey: Episode 0

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Hello there

I’m Matt Holmes, yet another poke’nerd who started reading the pickymon exploits and felt a great hankering to join in. A few messages back and forth with Dan and now here I am, ready to take on the challenge of completing Pokemon Red with just six monsters.

When I saw the first few posts on this blog go up I was quite smug. Despite having not played the game in over a decade I felt confident that if I were to try it myself I would be able to come up with a better, more unique strategy for the challenge. However as the days went by, some people started choosing Squirtle or even Charmander as their starting pokemon, people bought the Magikarp I was sure they would forget near Mt Moon and utilised TM’s I’d completely forgotten about, plus problems about HM’s and dark tunnels started emerging that I had never even considered.

So now I’m a bit nervous. I know I certainly won’t be the fastest to defeat Mewtwo, and my original plan turns out to be nowhere near as ingenuous or unique as I originally thought. So what’s my niche now? Because if there’s one thing I learnt from secondary school it’s that you need a niche, otherwise you’re just like every other smelly, spotty, four-eyed, brace-wearing, orthopedic shoe requiring, dyslexic, dysgraphic kid in the year (my teenage years were hard).

Hello ladies!

Eventually I decided to give myself a little extra challenge; on top of picking just 6, I will also only use pokemon that nobody else in the blog has used. This could very quickly prove to be quite tricky if I don’t start my run soon, but hopefully it will make the challenge that bit more interesting, not just for me, but you as well dear reader.

With that in mind, please feel free to join me, on Holmes’ Odyssey.


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