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  1. …But I’m here now!

I didn’t quite realise how involved I’d get in Pickymon. I’ve been a fan of the Pokémon franchise from the first time round – And continued to play the game boy games over the years following. I was *possibly* complaining that the new games were a bit predictable, a bit unchallenging. Basically a bit ‘spoon feed-y and could we have an option to just skip all the tutorials please?’ It just didn’t seem to give me the same satisfaction as the original Red/Blue games did way back when.

So on seeing Dan post links to pickymon I thought I’d just do it at the same-time-ish for funzies. (I’m an idiot) to say it hasn’t taken over a portion of my life is an understatement. I have Post-it notes / plans / reference charts on trying to figure out the best team (that I’d be happy with) that could get me through this game! IF I can make it work in a decent time!

I started sharing my progress on Twitter, Dan saw and here I am. Terrified of logging my mistakes and mis-steps. Hoping to draw pictures to distracts from me forgetting to take screen grabs.

This is already out of date now. Oh god.
This is already out of date now. Oh god.

I’ve just done the bit on the S.S. Anne, and I’ve got my first two badges. I have level 31 Bulbasaur called Spud, a freshly caught level 12 Mankey (went trigger happy and missed a chance to give him a name!) and then there’s Fish Stick the Magikarp…


Why yes. I've been on Grindr.
Why yes. I’ve been on Grindr.
You made me play the long game. You utter tease.
You made me play the long game you tease.

Hopefully this’ll pay off. Probably a bad choice to focus on levelling up before a gym solely about electric types… But we’ll see. It’s Mankey’s turn to sweat in repetitive grinding now…

I’ll see if I can find that post-it note…

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