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Holmes’ Odyssey: Episode 1

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It’s my turn to begin the pickymon adventure. As I mentioned in my introduction, my intention is not only to pick just 6 pokemon to fight with, but also to only choose ones that no other pickymon player has captured. This presented me with an immediate issue; namely that every starter pokemon had been taken by at least one player. So, in the spirit of my self imposed challenge I picked up Charmander (as he’s been the least popular choice) and made the bold decision not to give him a nickname.

Matt used ‘Lack of Imagination’

I don’t know why but in all the years I’ve played the games I’ve never given my pokemon nicknames, it just always seemed to be the most sensible thing to do to avoid confusion.To be fair it’s never steered me wrong, in the the games or in life itself. People might have laughed at me when I took ‘dog’ the dog for a walk or cleaned out ‘rabbit’ the rabbit, but all that time they took to name their pets I spent doing productive things… like playing computer games. At least the people of Kanto don’t taunt me about it.

Ep - 1 FINAL Nicknames
Screw you old man

Thankfully my first battle in Oak’s lab against Squirtle was an easy one as his first few moves completely missed. After grabbing a map and gloating a bit I did the quick couple of back and forths to Viridian for Professor Oak, comfortably guarded along the way by my new buddy Charmander.

It was only upon leaving Pallet Town for the third and final time that I realised what an unpleasant little place it is. There are literally only two houses, belonging to mine and my rivals families, and yet there are a couple of unrelated people dotted around, including one girl who says she really wants a pokemon to protect her when walking in the long grass. So just to clarify, if she won’t go in the grass alone she can’t travel north and she can’t go south because there’s just water til you hit Cinnabar Island and last time I checked there ain’t a ferry service. This means she’s stuck and clearly doesn’t have a house in Pallet Town so is she homeless? If not where does she live? Are her friends and family worried about her? Does she need help!? WHAT HORRORS HAS SHE WITNESSED!

I might have tried to stay and find out more but I remembered I was trying to do a speed run of the game so I can’t be wasting time mucking about with empathy. I followed the path onwards, conscious that I would need to catch another pokemon soon if I was going to stick to my rule, so quickly stopped off at the pokemart.

Guess that’s all I’m going to need

Then came the first big decision; what pokemon do you catch when you can’t catch ’em all? Well by my reckoning, to stick with my rule of not choosing the monsters my other pickymon colleagues had, the only options I had left were Nidoran or Ratatta. So, I headed west towards Indigo Plateau and caught myself a male Nidoran (because Ratattas are like super lame). A few minutes of grinding later and I felt I was ready for the next challenge of my journey…

Yes those were the best names I could come up with.

The second bout against Mario’s angry plumber brother was trickier than the first. His Pidgey sand-attacked poor Nidoran til his hitting accuracy was at around the same level as Stevie Wonder’s so I was forced to sub him out for Charmander. Pidgey went down but that meant facing Squirtle again whose type advantage might have destroyed my pet baby dragon were it not for the fact he evidently hadn’t learnt any water moves yet. Noob.

With his tail between his legs Luigi padded off in the direction of Pewter City and we made haste following closely behind him. Viridian forest wasn’t much issue now that Charmander had ’ember’ in his arsenal. In fact the trip was so easy I got a bit cocky and thought I’d go straight to face off against Brock. Unfortunately the first trainer in his gym gave me a pounding and we only came out with 8hp between my two pokemon so with that in mind I decided to go grind up, so I’ll be strong enough to face Brock another day.

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