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La Voyage Dans La Mt. Moon – Irish Dave’s journey

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When we last saw our hero, he had just defeated Brock in the Pewter City Gym and earned himself a BOULDERBADGE! With the ominous Mount Moon ahead of him, what will Dave’s next moves be? Find out… right now!


After a quick stop to the Pokémon Centre in Pewter City, I start to make my way east towards Mount Moon. As one of the only underground areas negotiable without Flash, I anticipate a fairly quick time running through – with obvious breaks to take on trainers and however thousand Zubat decide they want to try and munch on my head.

However, before I get there I have to deal with a multitude of trainers outside the mountain – presumably all trainers who are too chicken to go inside. It does raise a question though.

This kid is, like, 7 years old.
This kid is, like, 7 years old.

You have to be 10 years old before you can begin your Pokémon journey. Why the hell is this ABSOLUTE CHILD running around outside a mountain with a Ratata? Well, he isn’t now, because Bulbtista don’t take no prisoners.


At all.

Guess I'm the Lass Kicker now, Becky Lynch.
Guess I’m the Lass Kicker now, Becky Lynch.

Nothing can stop me rig-


When Bulbtista rejoins us and with all of those pesky kids dealt with, the stable prepares to head into the mountain – until a wild Pokémon appears. A wild Pokémon that places me in quite a dilemma. See, I don’t have the most sound of strategies heading into this project. After all, I only joined because I’m an idiot who can’t save games properly. So my “ideal team” has been constantly changing as I’ve been going through, and as I encounter different Pokémon, I keep facing difficult choices.

This time, I make a decision on the fly.

Y'all better B. Ware!
Y’all better B. Ware!

Koko joins the team but is under-powered in comparison and takes the lead in the team heading towards Mt. Moon. Rather than smashing out all the Zubat with Jericho’s Thundershock, I’m left in agony for AGES using Gust on them over and over again, like a jabroni. However, it eventually catches up in level and Jericho takes point, smashing through Zubat like the jobbers they are. The trainers in Mt. Moon are… interesting.

I walked right up to you, pal.
I walked right up to you, pal.

It wasn’t long before I remembered what I had forgotten – primarily, the route through the mountain. Luckily my detour resulted in me grabbing a few unexpectedly necessary items, as eventually I encountered the dastardly Team Rocket!

That's what she said.
That’s what she said.

Unlike my colleagues, I suffered an unexpected casualty when Koko jobbed out to the first Rocketer’s Raticate. Luckily I had picked up an Escape Rope earlier in the mountain and, after quickly nipping out to the Pokémon Centre, I returned to smash through the rest of Team Rocket and head towards the fossils. Despite forgetting the way, I managed to remember both the locations of the secret items (an Ether and an extra Moon Stone), before facing the Super Nerd in a battle which was mostly unremarkable, aside from two important occurrences:

Well, he IS a Cruiserweight
Well, he IS a Cruiserweight
What a hoss!
What a hoss!

After grabbing the Dome fossil for a SECRET PLAN later on in the game, I head out of the mountain and down to Cerulean City’s Pokémon Centre to get everyone healed up. With that, we call it a day; safe in the knowledge that there are two winnable gym battles in the near future…

Irish Dave

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