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And after a bunch of days ignoring my Pickymon responsibilities, I’m back. Squashing my now built in urge to save the five Pokeballs for a later date, I’ve made my second catch:


Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_02






(Side note, my trigger happy self nearly went to catch the snek.)

(Side-side note, Just having one pokemon with a combined total of 45 PP (vine whip and tackle) of offensive moves really made me treasure PP. I had to tactically lose to a trainer to get warped back to a pokemon centre a few times – PP is precious! See below an artistic representation of me seeing A Sprout is out of PP)

(from http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/depression-part-two.html )

So with my second pokemon in tow and some grinding ahead of me, I set off to Mt Moon. Already I was at a disadvantage. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Well because A Sprout is level 30. The little shit will start disobeying me soon, because I only have two badges. but regardless – I got my Spearow for the future now, and I made it through Mt Moon with only one or two PP issues.

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_04







In my previous post I mentioned how past-Harriet was a bit of a tool and grinded up one pokemon and neglected to give her others the attention they deserved. Well safe to say the past is repeating itself. I’m now faced with the hard grind of getting my Spearow up to scratch. I was seriously debating not bothering to nab a Flying type, but since the running shoes were a later addition to the series, I’ve been lazy. Hopefully I won’t find myself with a full team wishing I hadn’t gone for a bird, but I guess I’m just winging it HAHAHAH.









So the plan for the moment is this. Grind up Winging It, maybe to 25. Go on a booze cruise, then head back to Vermillion and Take on Lt Surge. Winging It will be a useless against an electric gym, so I might have to psych myself up to use another of my precious catches. ‘But Harriet!’, I hear you cry, ‘are you looking forward to Rock Tunnel?!’ No, hypothetical audience, I am not. Picture a five to ten year old me, not realising you could use flash in this mighty fine Rock Tunnel. Many rage quits occurred before the big brother ENLIGHTENED me!








But anyway, the longer I put off Rock Tunnel the better. Besides, I’ve been put off the caves in this game because…well:

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_03

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