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Session 14, August 21st

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It was with a bleak heart under a blackened sky that I trudged through sludge-like mud to the Pokécenter of Lavender Town. I could not get the voice of James out of my head as he cackled at my broken warriors and our distorted revelations.

You need not bother to stay in Lavender Town too long?

No, Doc. The idea of Lavender town is that you can explore and run around the cemetery, but ultimately you’re wasting your time if you haven’t got a Silph Scope. This contorted mesh of metal and plastic has the ability to reveal the true identity of any presence that masks itself. For this, I expected to go to Saffron City, home of the Silph Co. but the guards at the border were worked to extreme conditions; they had closed the gates until further notice.

I was headed back on myself when I noticed a small hut by the entrance and realised that, like the underground pass between Cerulean and Vermillion, there was another pass built to the hub of our economy form this very hut. I entered and ran as fast as I could to reach Celadon City, not realising the terrible situation I was about to stumble across.

Ah, yes. You seem to be under the delusion that you – an at the time 10 year old boy – took down the Team Rocket boss in single handed combat.

No, Doc. NO! I used my Pokémon to defeat him.

I apologise, Beardie. It’s been a while since our last session, you fight with these creatures you refer to as Pokémon. Please continue…


The people of Celadon were once a vibrant and joyful people, though the influence of Rocket had taken it’s toll. The Game’s Corner that would usually be packed with kids and grown ups alike, now a seedy bookies where people go for the lack of drink at the local bar. Every person I walked past would barely acknowledge me, for fear I may be a Rocket goon. I went to the local gym, now a hovel where the human trafficking racket was making a steady income, allowing it to stay open as a gym for the morale of the girls. I took pity on these poor women, I could not harm their pets, for that is truly how they viewed their Pokémon; one last friend in this dark and pitiful existence. In reward for this behaviour, I was awarded the Rainbow Badge, giving me a total of 4 badges and the skill to control up to level 50 Pokémon! I couldn’t let this go on, this had to be stopped. I don’t remember too much of what happened next, as I blacked out with rage.

I remember entering the Game’s Corner, approaching a man that seemed overly possessive of the poster hanging on the wall, looking for recruitment. We duelled and after a harsh defeat he ran into the basement. In hot pursuit, I chased after him, not knowing what lay down there in the murky depths. I seem to remember some complex floor patterns that allowed you to travel to the end of the corridors, with trick patterns that would lead you back on yourself. It took me mere moments to realise the pattern, based off something I had played as a child, and charged through the seemingly deserted basement…

Until he stood before me.

Beardie, it’s been a long and arduous session. Let’s leave it there for today.

But Doc, I defeated him and got into Saffron City!

You have told me, Beardie. It’s time for your medication. Go see the nurse on your way out and we’ll continue this tomorrow.

I can do more, Doc! Please, I feel like this is helping me work through this.

We shall see how you feel after meal time. If you are up to another session, we’ll take it from there.

Oh, thanks Doc. I feel loads better just getting that memory out of my head.

Until next time, Beardie

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