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so we come back to the journey at an interesting point…..

I head into mistys gym ready to collect my second badge. After beefcake takes care of her cronies its onto the big fight. after a beautiful set of vine whips misty is defeated and im up another badge, ok ok ok, ive got the type advantage but with the grind and the fact beefcake is doublehard, no one can stop me.


Im hearing talk of a guy who has some rare pokemon so i head north. after deathfish takes out most of the trainers we fially arrive at bills house. i go in but bills nowhere to be seen, theres just an abomination half pokemon half human. im about to send deathfish in for the kill only to find that thats bill!!!! he tried to use a teleporter, did he learn nothing from jeff goldblum!!! after helping him turn back into a human he thanks me by giving me a ticket to the ss anne. i take a sneaky look on his pc to register some eeveelutions before i head off. now its back to the action. i leave bills and head south, all the way to vermilion city in search of my next badge.

after speaking to 2 very nice old men im now in possession of an old rod and a bike voucher. i spot some trainers and long grass so because i love the grind i head in. im met by 2 different pokemon and cant decide who to catch so i thought fuck it, ill take both….

First is drowzee, now known as sandman


second is elvis (5 points to the first one to tell me why)


they were lv 12 and 14 so its back to the grind……..

once we’re up to a decent level it’ll be back to the adventure but until then……

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