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Hey! You look like a Pokémon trainer!

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Imagine that two of your closest friends have started a super-nerdy project, involving a run-through of Pokémon Red where you can only catch 6 Pokémon in total. Imagine looking at that, and wanting to do it but… do you really have time? Can your phone, a Nokia Lumia running Windows 8, actually install an emulator which will work? Do you have any idea how you would even go about doing this task?

So, you decide not to partake at this time. Maybe at a later date, once the workload has dried up a little and you can denote a little more time to not catching them all. But… you have a Gameboy Advance upstairs… with Pokémon Red… maybe a little normal playthrough, just to familiarise yourself with the game. That’d be fine!

So, you start. And you pick Bulbasaur. And by the time you reach Brock’s gym in Pewter City, you’ve amassed a team of Ratata, Pidgey, Pikachu, Butterfree and Beedrill, all at Level 10 – which is a  LOT of grinding. You take Brock down and get yourself a Boulder Badge.


And then you forget to save. And you haven’t saved since you first picked up Bulbasaur…

You damn right it is.
You damn right it is.


Let’s do this.


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