Entry 3: A New Friend!

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Alright, I’m going to try sticking to a first-person past-tense perspective from now on, because I kept slipping in and out of whatever I was doing the last few entries in.

Anyway, Mt. Moon! This area was the best and the worst place so far. First of all, after exploring the first area and fighting a few trainers, I ran into a Super Nerd!

He's not a model, he just always poses like that.
He’s not a model, he just always poses like that.


This was a fight I was really scared of, since this guy had a magnemite and a voltorb. Both electric types, against the only Pokémon I had (water type). Fortunately, they only used tackle, so it was an easy win.


After going down a level, I ran into a wild paras. I was tempted by a grass type, but ultimately decided to murder it instead.

I ran into Team Rocket for the first time, and kicked their butts, then I caught a wild Clefairy, which I named Luna.

Hello, new friend!
Hello, new friend!


Next I battled a few more trainers, including a weirdo who was apparently trying to show off to girls in that spooky cave. I found a moon stone to evolve dear sweet Luna later, and decided to head back to the Poké Centre to heal my friends. And then…DISASTER.

I accidentally clicked “load” on the emulator, instead of “save”, and lost about 40 minutes of progress, including precious Luna.

So I went back and did it all again, adding Luna (Two) to my team.

Hello new new friend!
Hello, new new friend!


After training them until they learned “sing”, I went to fight more Team Rocket goons.



These guys were looking for the fossils, but didn’t think to check slightly north of where they were? Anyway, I beat the other Super Nerd guarding the fossils…



And then I chose the Dome Fossil. I’ll worry about whether or not I actually want that Pokémon later, a kabuto might be cool (but I already have a water type).

Before long, I had finally made it to Cerulean City!

You mean the Pokédex? Oh yeah, I'm sure I'll fill that RIGHT up soon.
You mean the Pokédex? Oh yeah, I’m sure I’ll fill that RIGHT up soon.


Beating Misty was no problem at all, Luna (Two) is a beast! In fact, I didn’t really have any trouble until leaving town.

Oh god no I'm not ready for this!
Oh god no I’m not ready for this!


This was a much much closer battle, and I’m sure would have been near-impossible if his bulbasaur knew a better grass move than leech seed.

After beating him and the fools along the bridge, I fought some more nondescript trainers on my way to see Bill.

No way it took me forever to get one!
No way it took me forever to get one!


Bill seemed to have merged himself with a Pokémon, which is weird. He wouldn’t say what type though. But after separating them, Bill comes out of one teleporter but the Pokémon never emerged. Is it just dead?

Current Team:

Lil Squirt (lvl 25), Luna (Two) (lvl 22).
Lil Squirt (lvl 25), Luna (Two) (lvl 22).


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  • Mike Darch on August 19, 2016

    Haha there is just something so unnerving about SUPER NERDs natural pose.

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