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I’m Harriet and I haven’t played Pokemon Red since I was in single figures, and have more recent, fonder memories of its remake – Fire Red on the magical device that was the Gameboy Advance SP. Taking some inspiration from Game Grumps, my trainer is called ‘I NEVER’, because I need a couple of silly screengrabs to punctuate these posts.

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_02


Jumping right it, I’m being strategic for the first time and not seizing the fire starter type (pyro might have been a better name…). ‘Brussel sprout’ wouldn’t fit in the name field, so ‘A sprout’ will have to do for my Bulbasaur. The first two gyms will be some easy wins, and while he wasn’t my go to first choice, there’s something endearing about the BULBous growth on my lil sprout.Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_06After some grinding to level 15, I thought I’d tackle the gym in Viridian City – I have terrible memories of grinding one pokemon and not bothering with gyms (10 year old Harriet wasn’t too savvy with the whole ‘beat the gyms and then the pokemon league’ aspect of pokemon). So rather than have my pokemon disobey me and face an embarrassing loss to the first gym, I made peace with grinding to level 15. Vine whipped and primed for battle, Brock was a total breeze! (It was no loop of trying to beat a gym with Charmander’s ember).

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_08

The next Gym is a certain win, and now I have to put some thought into how I want to build my team. Usually by now I’d have a Ratatta, a Pidgey, and maybe a Weedle if I felt ‘extravagant’. The temptation to grab a Pikachu from Viridian Forrest was hard to ignore, but before I load my the emulator again I’m gonna have a long, hard, (so-boring-it’ll-never-become-an-anecdote) think about when to use the 5 catches I have. It goes against the completionest in me, and I won’t be checking in with Oak for him to berate me on my six caught pokemon, But while I decide on my catches, I’m going to continue laughing at my Rival’s name and all the screengrabs I can…well…grab of rival encounters!

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_07

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  • Archer on August 17, 2016

    Another Grumps reference! Love it! I did contemplate trying to make my own name a version of I never as well

    • Author
      Harriet Langley on August 27, 2016

      I wanted to use sommething new, but ‘I never’ made me laugh so much in the Grumps playthrough that I couldn’t resist!

  • Dan on August 18, 2016

    I’m enjoying all of these name-related gags. I never defeated Monday is an album title in the making…

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