Entry 2: Rock and Roll!

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After a brief rest in Viridian City, Ham and Lil Squirt braved the dark Viridian Forest, full of critters eager to poison and devour them! Fortunately Lil Squirt was pretty tough by this stage, and proved no challenge. None of the Pokémon encountered so far were tempting enough to catch, so the pair reached Pewter City still just a pair. After a brief training montage, it was time to challenge Brock!

Brock fights with his actual fists.
Brock fights with his actual fists.


It was a tough battle, there were many close calls and-

Just kidding. Lil Squirt completely destroyed him. Geodude was pretty impressed too.

"Thumbs up!"
“Thumbs up!”


In the end, Brock awarded me with the prize!

"It's just a badge, kid. You can buy these pretty much anywhere, you know."
“It’s just a badge, kid. You can buy these pretty much anywhere, you know.”


And so it was on to Mt. Moon! With a brief pause to murder the companions of each and every trainer in our way. One lass even gave me the advice: “Avoid fights by not letting anyone see you”, which maybe the other trainers should consider.

And then…something amazing happened!

Oh great, they're a moody teen now.
Oh great, they’re a moody teen now.


After celebrating, Ham and Lil Squirt made it to the Poké Centre outside Mt. Moon, which seemed like a pretty good place to rest.

Current Team:

Lil Squirt (lvl 19).
Lil Squirt (lvl 19).


(I’ll add this to each of my future posts. The blank space will fill up with new members soon!)


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