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I am Mike, just your average turbo nerd from Leicester!

I played the original Pokemon Red when I was a kid and was just blown away by the idea of exploring & traveling a massive in-game world customising a monster posse to my own design. I never finished the original without cheating or any subsequent Pokemon games as I could never bring myself to grind the final distance sadly. I dig the premise of this challenge and I hold no illusion to being able to take first place as I consider myself pretty pants overall at the game. I was way more into the hilarious original anime and the goody friendship idea it was always going on about. I’ve never bothered trying to catch them all and the ones I did capture where just the raddest ones with the most personality.

In my Picky playthrough I think I am gonna do a more story driven RP style blog following the adventures of HANK RIKER! A Pokemon trainer at the washed up age of 29 trying to get his life back together. When he was younger he was a driven poketrainer who would go to any length to be the best. Unfortunately like most of the youth from Kanto the task ultimately broke him. Now unemployed and living with his mother, Hank finds himself forced once again to travel the world on a path of redemption, as he tries to figure out what it really means to be a champion.

Critics are already calling it “A POKEMONMasterpiece!”

I plan to take some creative liberties with the universe because I have always envisioned the game universe to kind of be a lil’ post apocalyptic what with all the wild children cockfighting for money in the streets. It might be garbage but I at least aim to take down the elite 4 trash and crush Mewtwo once and for all! I am ALARMED at the remarkable progress people have made at the end of day 1 I already have a lot of ground to catch up! But I am loving reading through how everyone else is approaching this. Its gonna be cool to see what everyone’s teams are going to be at the end of the game!


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  • Archer on August 16, 2016

    Really loving the Post Apocalyptic Hank Riker idea. I will be keeping a close eye on you sir!

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