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Hank Riker: From the Ashes. Chapter 1 – A new day

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February 27, 1996 – 8:30

My alarm rings at 8:30 for the first time in years and I groan as I smash my pokethemed clock off the side table. I drag my hung over ass out of bed before I fall asleep again and head to the bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror as I brush my teeth I look in the bathroom mirror and think about the dream I was having. I think it was that weird one again where the Gengar and the Nidoran are fighting and then they embrace and share a passionate kiss.

So weird.












I hate that dream. I spit out the toothpaste goo and look myself in the eye. 29 years old with a scraggy beard, irritated red eyes and a beer gut to top it off.

Hank Riker you handsome Growlithe you.

I shuffle downstairs my body aching with the regret of leaving my bed and I’m greeted by mom who has already made breakfast and she is humming happily to herself , “Morning son, I’m impressed! I didn’t think you could wake up before 1 o’clock anymore.” She teases as she cooks eggs on the hob.

I grunt affirmatively in response as my brain starts to warm up. This unusually chirpy attitude coming from her has a reason behind it I’m sure: she’s been scheming something. A few days ago she made me promise to help old professor Oak with some task or something and since then she’s been all sunbeams.

“I’ve made you some scrambled egg on toast and we’ve got some fresh orange berry juice as well.” She slides the eggs from the frying pan on to my toast and sits down next to me, “I saw the professor out this morning and I said you would be over at 9 o’clock so you have to shovel this down ok?”

“O.K.” I croak out through a mouth full of breakfast.

This breakfast is solid for her, shes definitely scheming something.


I wander outside to a crisp spring morning the early morning rays of light cutting through the thick forest that surrounded the tiny, insignificant Pallet Town. The breakfast was super effective at fighting my hang over but I still have to squint as the sunlight hurts my sad eyes. As my eyes adjust to the bright light of the day I make out some of the denizens of Pallet town starting their daily routine. Hell town is too strong a word for this place, with our population barely tipping over 10 we are more like a loose collection of shanty hobo buildings than an actual settlement. Still we had an official sign in the middle so I guess that makes us legit.

Pallet Town “Shades of your journey await!”

Yep totally legit.

“SCREeee” A noise emanates from around the side of the house as Chuck our households faithful Sandshrew waddles around the corner into view.

“Mornin’ buddy, you finished up churning up the garden all ready for us to plant next seasons batch?” I ask.

“Scree scraa scra!” He responds affirmatively, his little claws dirty and his face happily nodding.

“Nice going dude!” I shoot him a thumbs up, “Well if you hurry you might be lucky enough to catch the tail end of breakfast”

And with a tiny cheer Tucker barged his way into the house where I could hear him immediately making a commotion in the kitchen. Tucker was one of my old Pokemon back from when I still gave a damn, I never had the heart to let him go and he was very useful for the garden work. He was getting on a bit but he still acted fresh from the litter.

I sigh and wander to the edge of town,  I stop at the long grass and scan my eyes deeper into the forest. There was a path back to civilisation through all that nature but you would have never have guessed it from looking. After a few moments I take a step forward into the grass, I wonder how many Pokemon are in front of me right now, just out of sight…

“Leaving so soon?” a familiar voice from behind calls, “Or are you just looking to get your dumbass mauled by some feral Pokemon?”

I turn to see the famous Professor Oak standing there a wry grin slapped on his face. I smile, “Good morning to you too you mean old bastard”.



((So here’s my take on this whole thing, hopefully y’all will dig the style cause I think at this rate I will be finishing my playthrough winter of 2019 at this rate aha))

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