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don’t go in the long grass!!!

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So as ive been doing for 17 years i leave my bedroom, say ta rah to my old bean and head for that long grass only to be stopped by that silly old bastard oak. I get dragged to his lab and listen to him waffle on and bloody on and then his scumbag grandson (charles this time round) turns up. I pick bulbasaur as per (he’s a geezer) and go to start this adventure. Charles, thinking he’s cock of the walk (let me tell you, he’s cock of nothing) stops me thinking that damn charmander can beat my bulbasaur (now known as beefcake),


obvs beefcake wipes the floor with him.


Now after i go collect a pacel for oak, i can start on this adventure for reals. In the real world i’m sat in my front room watching the weightlifting and not paying the most attention to beefcake while im doing the grind. after near 2 hours hes evolved before ive even got to brock


Brock was beaten easily and the adventure and grid continued. It dawned on me that i could get magikarp (yay)


but the grind (boo) but ive got plenty to watch on tv so let it begin. a bit over 3 hours game time and ive got beefcake at lv25 and now named deathfish and lv20


I fight my way through mt moon and over nugget bridge. deathfish hits lv25 and my energy runs out so its time for bed. i save just before going to mistys gym and get ready to settle down for the night. the next part of the adventure comes soon……

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  • Charles on August 16, 2016

    I feel like I should have some feelings about you naming your rival after me, but all I can think is that I reckon we could talk Nick into letting us battle our final teams on a TXW show.

    • Author
      Ben on August 17, 2016

      Let’s do it

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