Caterpies of mind.

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Like every aspect of my life (FireflyHamilton, and puberty) I was late to the race. I started a full day and a half later than my fellow Pickymonsters. So I decided to start strong:

Wrong but strong.
Wrong but strong.

I will admit, I spent most of the two days I was meant to be busy thinking of an adequately hilarious name for “Red”. I, however, landed on this one.

Okay, just one more.
Kirsty is the QUEEN of smrts.

So My Butt went for a walk (heh) and met with Prof. Oak who was all “I need you young boys to fulfill my life’s dream of collecting all 150 Pokemon as I am too old and frail to do it myself”…Yeah, sorry about that Professor. That ain’t the plan…

And of course, My Butt met its nemesis…

That B***h Abigail.
That B***h Abigail.

Abigail. AB.I.GAIL. I have a history with Abigail. She’s not girl I’m like “WHAT YOO TALKIN’ TO MA MAYNNN?! IMMA SCRATCH YOUR EYES OUT” in real life, no. Nor is she even a real girl. PC Gamers may be familiar with a *certain* Abigail from Chucklefish’s excellent RPG Stardew Valley. Your Gramps gives you a farm in his will, and you leave your dead-end job to become a Farmer in Pelican Town. It’s a calming game (great for the individual with Anxiety). And I was having a delightful ol’ time growing seeds, meeting the townsmen, etc.

Then the Egg Festival came.

We competed to find the most eggs in like a minute. I worked my 8 bit ass off. And Abigail won. Which is fine. I can accept that. BUT I’m also someone who goes “Ah, y’know what? I wanna change the colour of my top- let’s start the game again”. So I did. The Egg Festival came again. AND GUESS WHICH B***h won?! It’s a fix, I tell you! A fix, I say! HOW IS IT EVEN POSSIBL-

*coughs awkwardly*

So…I chose a Bulbasaur. He’s called Mr. Pickles.

I’m in Pewter town as we speak, with Mr.Pickles and Heimlich (Caterpie) to my name. Gotta grind some, then it’s time to face this champ:


See you then, folks.

Kirsty x

P.S. Dan, I totally feel for you re. Caterpie. Heimlich was an arse to find.


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  • charleswheeler on August 16, 2016

    Well damn. Just when I figure everyone will have chosen bum-fart-poo names for their rival, you go and do it for your character. MEALING SHIFTS THE PARADIGMS AGAIN.

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