Entry 0: WHAT HAVE I DONE?!?

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Hi there! I’m Ham, and I guess I’m the person to blame for this idea in the first place. It started with a simple tweet about a Pokémon challenge different from the “Nuzlocke” ones, which Dan latched onto and began developing with Charles. After the rules were more solid, Dan looped me in, and here we are! I actually have never played Red or Blue, and it has been forever since I played Yellow so I have no memory of the Kanto region!

I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve played Nuzlocke games before (and am keeping track of all the dead Pokémon throughout, to eventually release a huge list), as well as the Wonder Trade Challenge, and another challenge I thought up called “Neverlution” (can never evolve Pokémon), but that’s always just been for me. I’ve never been part of a GROUP doing the same challenge with the same game, so this is all new for me!

As far as Pokémon goes, I was a huge fan when I was younger. I remember being super-into the trading cards and the figurines, and watching the show, but I was a little late to the games. My first was Yellow, but I remember that Gold and Silver had just come out when I got it (my Gameboy wasn’t good enough to run the next generation). Next I had Silver, and after that I kind of lost interest for quite a few years. THEN when X and Y came out and I got a 2DS for my birthday, I got into it again, and even got some preowned copies of a few of the games that I’d missed over the years.

Now, I’m playing several games on and off at the same time. I’ve got two different challenges going in Y and Alpha Sapphire, and a normal game in Omega Ruby. And now Pickymon! Geez, soon I’m not going to have time to do anything else.

Anyway, I don’t really have a set plan for this run, other than making sure I don’t get myself stuck by filling up all my slots with Pokémon who can’t learn the HMs I need to actually finish the game. Those HMs are: Cut, Surf, Flash, and Strength. Fly would also be good, but that one is optional. Actually I think Flash is technically optional too, but it would take forever to get through the caves without it. By the looks of things a lot of the other participants are aiming to start with bulbasaur, so just to be different I’ll choose either squirtle or charmander. Either are pretty good, and can learn some HMs if necessary.

Since I’m juggling other commitments at the moment, I’m going to aim to play for at least 30 minutes each day if I can, hopefully more. I’ll update this blog when something interesting happens.

Alright LET’S DO THIS!

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