Hi, I’m Dan.

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I’m the one that took Ham’s idea of a limited-catch run of Pokémon and ran with it all the way to Namecheap, where I registered this domain name.

My love affair with Pokémon began twenty whole years ago. I’d been following the pre-launch campaign of Red and Blue with fascination, and a friend and I had each agreed to buy one. I’d chosen Red, and I was so anxious to play it I bought an American import copy because it was out there before the UK. I had a whole week to train up and plough through the game ahead of my friend, while he waited for the UK release to buy Blue.

The day of UK release came, he bought Blue, I bought a link cable, and we set about to do our first trade – except we couldn’t. The UK and US versions of the game were incompatible, and I had accidentally condemned us to lonely playthroughs. I tried to take my copy back to the store, where I, as a snivelling 10-year-old, utterly failed to get my way. My dad, a man incensed by the unfair fleecing of a small child, walked into the store and came back 15 minutes later with a new copy of the game and two comic books. In that moment he was a hero in a way yet to be surpassed in my life.

I’m looking forward to this. Let’s ‘mon!

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