About the author : Veteran n00b. Been playing pokemon for more then half my life and still love them.

And so it starts….

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I believe it was christmas of 1999 when i first got my very own copy of pokemon blue and an awesome see through purple gameboy color to play it on. We were far from a rich family so such an extravagant gift amazed 14 year old me and my old man being the savvy guy he is got me a rechargable battery pack to go with it. I dont know how many hours i put into that game but i took that gameboy everywhere so it was a hell of a lot. My first starter was bulbasaur (screw you charizard fanboys) mostly because razor leaf is an awesome move.

I’ve played every main game to date and loved them all so doing this was a no brainer. Going on this journey again is great and getting to see how everyone else does is going to be fun, so…..let the games begin

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