Picking the Predetermined Perfect Pokemon To Pulverise the Puny comPetition

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Hello, dear reader, I am Reuben and I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance. Unless I know you, in which case it’s nice to see you again. Unless I know you and don’t like you in which case, well… I suppose you aren’t reading this. For those who won’t know me, I’m a freelance writer, occasional comedian and general nuisance. ‘m super excited to be involved in this project as it gives me the opportunity to engage in my favourite activity, searching through databases for minute details and spending far too long thinking about unimportant information.

The original Pokemon Red was my first favourite game, and I’m looking forward immensely to getting my teeth into it again. As a child I memorised a vast amount of information pertaining to theoriginal 150 pokemon, it’ll be a challenge seeing how much I can dredge up from the base of my mind for this project. I’m intending to plan my team as effectively as I can, decide on the Pokemon I want ahead of time and then make sure I’ll have each one of my six to directly neutralise every gym leader I’ll come into contact with. There’s also the knwoledge that I’ll have to give each of my pokemon the HM’s required to complete the game. So my current plan is as follows

Starter: Bulbasaur, because it’s cute and I can teach it Cut

Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot: useful, learns fly, has cool hair

Magikarp/Garydos: partially because it’s powerful, partially because being he first kid in my school to figure out that the apparently useless Magikarp has a secret evolution was one of my proudest childhood memories

Flareon: It’s a dog that’s on fire that looks like an ice cream. Nuff Said

Rhydon: super tough, super strong, ground type will come in handy

Slot six is currently unassigned, because not only am I a pedant, I’m also a renegade who plays by his own rules. and also by the rules of the game, because of the aforementioned pedantry.

Let’s get this show on the road boys and girls. It’s time to bring the metaphorical noise!

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