Bulba-came, Bulbasaur, Bulba-conquered.

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Hello! …Is this thing on? *Taps keyboig;h.lgufsejyveg;m;lnl*


I’m Kirsty- short arse, ginger theatre maker and salted caramel FIEND (it’s true) based in Leicester. And I’m playing Pickymon. Well, not yet. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll be playing Pickymon. It all starts…tomorrow.

So, I guess, things you should know about me other than the above listed are:

1) I’m Team Instinct on Pokemon Go. You heard.
2) I started with Red, ended with Silver. Dabbled a little with my boyfriend’s Yellow (behave).
3) My Word Of The Year 2015 was “Butts”, on account of it being concisely hilarious. Which should give you a good idea of my immature journey in the world of Pickymon.

My memories of Pokemon are fond, albeit sketchy. I can’t tell you what Grass types are weak against or what number town Lavender Town is, but I can tell you that I would cuddle the c**p out of Eevee if given the chance.

That said, I am super excited that Pickymon chose Red for this adventure into mass-nerdery. Because even though I remember zilch about playing Red… f**k blue. RED TIL I DIE!* On principle, of course, for my 8 year old self.

So, things to expect from me are:
1) Bulbasaur.
2) Stupid names.
3) Pokemon ‘ships (they will be a thing)

Smell ya later!

Kirsty x

*…Is this what being a sports fan is like?

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