Apologies and Pessimism: the charleswrites story

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Hello. I’m Charles, and this is partly my fault.

You might call me an enabler. My partner in crime in creating Pickymon, by which I mean the guy who’s done all of the legwork while I claim the glory of being an admin in the Facebook group, is Dan Wallbank. Dan is a marvel of modern media production – a musician, comedian, quiz host, occasional poet and increasingly prolific podcaster. Dan is also predisposed to taking ridiculous ideas and running with them, as evidenced by the ludicrous and wonderful realisation of Instant Nostalgia, his podcast that exists purely to review itself.

So, when a man called Ham suggested a Pokémon run with minimal catches permitted, and Dan replied suggesting making it even harder, I did what any good friend supporting an addict would do, and laughed along while letting him forget about it.

Just kidding, I’m a prick.

And so here we are. Dan is in like twenty bands, hosts two podcasts, and has a full-time job at the same place as me, allowing me to peer pressure him by email 8 hours a day and Facebook message for the other 16. And I’ve made him do this. I’m sorry.

I mean, I’m not, but I recognise that this makes me a jerk, at least.

So! Pokémon! Red was my first Pokémon game, and I feel like I know it inside out, to the point where I’ve been able to flag up several potentially HUGE hazards to our game – such as the fact that Lapras, who’s decent but far from perfect in battle, is just LYING AROUND ON THE FLOOR, and if you pick it up, you’re stuck with it ’til the end. Ditto Hitmonlee/chan and any of the old fossils. I could’ve not pointed them out and let people trip over them hilariously, but I didn’t. So maybe I’m not the worst person in the world.

So yeah, I feel like I’m pretty comfortable with Red, and have a decent idea of how my super six is going to come together. As such, you can look forward to me forgetting my type strengths, taking a thousand wrong turns per dungeon, and completely fudging my HM distribution. Like England and football, I have a questionable hand in the creation of this spectacle, and I expect to quickly slip into mediocrity with the occasional display of straight-up ineptitude. Enjoy the ride!

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