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Aaron Burr, Sir?

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“Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?”

Hi! Erm, so….

We’ve been asked to introduce ourselves, us nerdy poke-gamers, and maybe even talk about our angle of the game. I mean you’re a geek signing up to play a very specific game of pokemon, you gotta have an angle, right?

So I’m Steve, I’m a writer and performer based in Birmingham and Leicester. I have played one of each instalment of the game up to Y and have also tried to Nuzlock on each game up to White (because only the cool kids Nuzlock). My favourite pokemon is Gengar (looks like it’s Haunter for this game), favourite starter is Torchic and favourite game would be Ruby/Sapphire.

I have several angles for possibilities but I’m not sure which will be my gameplan until starting and playing through the first gyms. One angle is the legendary game, only catching the legendary birds and finishing with catching Mewtwo. Another angle would be the power-grinder, we all know that the Elite Four are about level 60-65, so grind your team to the point of level 80-90 before attempting the assault. My definite angle I’m going for is the Game Grump angle. I am going to beat the Elite Four with a Beedrill, called Buntd Jr. (You asked for nerds, you get the nerds) and finally the comedic angle. You’re damn wrong if you think I’m gonna be leaving nicknames unmanned and Gary better think again is Oak’s dementia is gonna save him!

Anyway, go check out the other players! They’re pretty cool people, they have friends and everything!


Archer ;D

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