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I’m just tryin’ to grind my way

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Well, I loathe grinding.

No please, take your time....
No please, take your time….

Levelling my Winging It was my next goal pre Rock Tunnel. I wanted to grind him up to level 20-25. So far, each level is taking about 4-7 battles and I am grumpy about this process! I’m so scared of accidentally leveling A Sprout that I won’t do the swap out method. So, cycling around in the tall grass has been my hobby for the past few sessions of Pokemon.

Such progress, much wow
Such progress, much wow

I was wrong in my last post. My memory faltered, the images of the past lay broken and disjointed at my feet – hang on, forgot this isn’t Batman Fanfic. Okay, I remember distinctly playing Red as follows: Town, gym, cave, town, gym, cave etc. So I forgot that the SS Anne and Vermillion are pre Rock Tunnel. This is good news! So I can just enjoy a peaceful, beautiful boat trip and –

Way to kill the ambience man
Way to kill the ambience man

So aboard this festering hive of battle happy trainers, I began to grind Winging It. Began. I soon realised (after the 6th pokemon centre trip) that Winging It always had a type disadvantage, or was too weak. Lass’ and Gentlemen (wow pokemon) kicked my teams’ collective asses again and again. Because, for the 151st time, I don’t want to have A Sprout disobey me.

Wait a second...
Wait a second…

I noticed after a few battles with A Sprout saving the day for poor Winging It that something was amiss. A Sprout’s teenage disobediance wasn’t occuring like it should have done-

*Dramatic pause*
*Dramatic pause*

Oh. Oh no. So, it would appear that my utter aversion to using A Sprout was entirely misplaced. Or a misplaced precaution. I was under the impression that the Cascade badge from Misty allowed pokemon up to level 30 to obey you. So why is A Sprout being a suck up and following instuctions. Has this whole process been a lie up to this point? Did I even need Winging It? Have I ground up this bird under false pretences?!


Tune in next time to find out if Harriet has been an absolute n00b.

Harriet Langley

I can be your Spearow baby

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And after a bunch of days ignoring my Pickymon responsibilities, I’m back. Squashing my now built in urge to save the five Pokeballs for a later date, I’ve made my second catch:


Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_02






(Side note, my trigger happy self nearly went to catch the snek.)

(Side-side note, Just having one pokemon with a combined total of 45 PP (vine whip and tackle) of offensive moves really made me treasure PP. I had to tactically lose to a trainer to get warped back to a pokemon centre a few times – PP is precious! See below an artistic representation of me seeing A Sprout is out of PP)

(from )

So with my second pokemon in tow and some grinding ahead of me, I set off to Mt Moon. Already I was at a disadvantage. ‘Why?’ I hear you ask. Well because A Sprout is level 30. The little shit will start disobeying me soon, because I only have two badges. but regardless – I got my Spearow for the future now, and I made it through Mt Moon with only one or two PP issues.

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_04







In my previous post I mentioned how past-Harriet was a bit of a tool and grinded up one pokemon and neglected to give her others the attention they deserved. Well safe to say the past is repeating itself. I’m now faced with the hard grind of getting my Spearow up to scratch. I was seriously debating not bothering to nab a Flying type, but since the running shoes were a later addition to the series, I’ve been lazy. Hopefully I won’t find myself with a full team wishing I hadn’t gone for a bird, but I guess I’m just winging it HAHAHAH.









So the plan for the moment is this. Grind up Winging It, maybe to 25. Go on a booze cruise, then head back to Vermillion and Take on Lt Surge. Winging It will be a useless against an electric gym, so I might have to psych myself up to use another of my precious catches. ‘But Harriet!’, I hear you cry, ‘are you looking forward to Rock Tunnel?!’ No, hypothetical audience, I am not. Picture a five to ten year old me, not realising you could use flash in this mighty fine Rock Tunnel. Many rage quits occurred before the big brother ENLIGHTENED me!








But anyway, the longer I put off Rock Tunnel the better. Besides, I’ve been put off the caves in this game because…well:

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_03

Harriet Langley

You Bulba Believe It

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I’m Harriet and I haven’t played Pokemon Red since I was in single figures, and have more recent, fonder memories of its remake – Fire Red on the magical device that was the Gameboy Advance SP. Taking some inspiration from Game Grumps, my trainer is called ‘I NEVER’, because I need a couple of silly screengrabs to punctuate these posts.

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_02


Jumping right it, I’m being strategic for the first time and not seizing the fire starter type (pyro might have been a better name…). ‘Brussel sprout’ wouldn’t fit in the name field, so ‘A sprout’ will have to do for my Bulbasaur. The first two gyms will be some easy wins, and while he wasn’t my go to first choice, there’s something endearing about the BULBous growth on my lil sprout.Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_06After some grinding to level 15, I thought I’d tackle the gym in Viridian City – I have terrible memories of grinding one pokemon and not bothering with gyms (10 year old Harriet wasn’t too savvy with the whole ‘beat the gyms and then the pokemon league’ aspect of pokemon). So rather than have my pokemon disobey me and face an embarrassing loss to the first gym, I made peace with grinding to level 15. Vine whipped and primed for battle, Brock was a total breeze! (It was no loop of trying to beat a gym with Charmander’s ember).

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_08

The next Gym is a certain win, and now I have to put some thought into how I want to build my team. Usually by now I’d have a Ratatta, a Pidgey, and maybe a Weedle if I felt ‘extravagant’. The temptation to grab a Pikachu from Viridian Forrest was hard to ignore, but before I load my the emulator again I’m gonna have a long, hard, (so-boring-it’ll-never-become-an-anecdote) think about when to use the 5 catches I have. It goes against the completionest in me, and I won’t be checking in with Oak for him to berate me on my six caught pokemon, But while I decide on my catches, I’m going to continue laughing at my Rival’s name and all the screengrabs I can…well…grab of rival encounters!

Pokemon - Red Version (USA, Europe)_07